Dear Readers,

It is with great dismay to write this. I’d like to first say how thankful I am for your consistent support over the last two years. It has been not only a joy but a privilege to write for you all here at This is has been a great hobby and passion of mine, and without your viewership, would not have lasted more than three months. The tone of this message may appear sombre and somewhat melancholy, especially when I say that as of March 31st I am terminating this website.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have embarked with several remarkable individuals on a somewhat ambitious project that builds off the BSW concept. We are moving to

On BSWink not only will content be regular and informative, but also diverse in nature.

Friends, on Black Sheep Weekly ink we will be publishing essays, opinion pieces, artistic content, and sports analysis. Not only will this be at levels well above what you’ve experienced so far, but also at a rate and frequency that unfortunately was never able to achieve.

That’s not all.

We have decided with great excitement and anticipation to proudly present the “Smoker’s Lounge Podcast”. In partnership with Aleksander Houk and Aleksander Jekabson, I will be co-hosting this podcast weekly. There, we will discuss the nature of the world on grounds both philosophical and empirical through the lens of current affairs – no less. That’s what we claim we’re doing – it’ll really just be a conversation between three great friends that we welcome you to engage with(!).


So, even though this may be the end for, a better, more refined and professional entity arises.

Once more I thank every single one of you for your patience and time in reading the work I and many others have produced since October 2017.

Now click over to our new home. We hope to meet you on the other side!

Much love,


Antonios Vitalis (Isocrates II)

Founder and Chief Editor of Black Sheep Weekly